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What is Del Credere Commission?

Del credere commission is a type of commission paid to a buyer’s agent or a commission agency in exchange for taking on the buyer’s credit risk.

It is, in essence, a commission given to an agent in exchange for securing the buyer’s payment. This kind of compensation is often paid by the seller to the agent and is an additional expense for the seller.

How does Del Credere Commission work?

The del credere commission is paid to the buyer’s agent or commission agent in exchange for guaranteeing the payment of the buyer. The agent assumes the credit risk of the buyer and guarantees that the buyer will make the payment. In return for this guarantee, the agent receives an additional commission, which is called the del credere commission.

For example, if a seller sells goods to a buyer on credit, they may choose to pay a del credere commission to the buyer’s agent or commission agent. The agent guarantees the payment of the buyer, and in exchange, the seller pays an additional commission. This commission is typically a percentage of the total sale value and is agreed upon by the seller and the agent.

Benefits of Del Credere Commission

The del credere commission has several benefits for both the seller and the agent. For the seller, the commission provides a guarantee of payment from the buyer. This can be especially important for sellers who deal with high-risk buyers or buyers who are not creditworthy. By paying the del credere commission, the seller can mitigate their credit risk and ensure that they receive payment for their goods.

For the agent, the del credere commission provides an additional source of income. This commission is typically higher than a standard commission and is paid for assuming the credit risk of the buyer. By guaranteeing the payment of the buyer, the agent is taking on additional risk, and the del credere commission compensates them for this risk.

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