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5 ways to improve liquidity ratios

Liquidity ratios are crucial financial indicators that measure a company’s ability to meet short-term obligations. For business owners, maintaining healthy liquidity ratios is essential for financial stability and success.

In this article, we will explore five effective strategies that can help business owners improve their liquidity ratios.

Streamline Cash Collection

Efficient cash collection from debtors is vital to maintaining a positive cash flow and improving liquidity ratios. Businesses should focus on implementing robust credit policies, clear invoicing processes, and regular follow-ups with customers who have outstanding payments. Creating incentives for early payment or offering discounts for prompt settlement can also expedite cash collection and enhance liquidity.

Optimize Inventory Management

Inventory tied up in excess amounts can strain liquidity. Both owners running small businesses and established entrepreneurs should regularly evaluate their inventory levels to avoid excess stock holding. Businesses can free up working capital by optimizing inventory management through techniques like just-in-time ordering or using inventory management software, thereby boosting liquidity ratios.

Control Operating Expenses

Monitoring and controlling operating expenses is crucial in maintaining healthy liquidity ratios. Trimming unnecessary costs, renegotiating supplier contracts, seeking cost-effective alternatives, or exploring shared resources can all contribute to lowering expenses and improving available cash flow.

Negotiate Favorable Payment Terms

Negotiating favourable payment terms with suppliers is an effective way to manage cash flow while enhancing liquidity ratios. People involved in business ventures should aim to negotiate longer payment periods with suppliers without negatively impacting the relationship. This approach buys more time to convert inventory into sales revenue before making payments, thus improving liquidity.

Seek Additional Financing Options

In some instances, business owners may require external financing to improve liquidity ratios. Exploring options such as business loans, lines of credit, or invoice factoring can inject immediate cash flow into the business. It is essential to carefully assess the terms and interest rates associated with such financing options to ensure they align with the overall financial goals.


Improving liquidity ratios is crucial for business owners. By implementing the above strategies – streamlining cash collection, optimizing inventory management, controlling operating expenses, negotiating favourable payment terms, and seeking additional financing options when necessary.

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